What Is Garcinia Cambogia?

What Is Garcinia Cambogia? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

If youíre curious about the tropical fruit and popular weight loss supplement known as garcinia cambogia, then this guide was written for you. In particular, weíre going to discover what garcinia cambogia really is, what some of the benefits are, and whether thereís any potential side effects you should be aware of. By the time youíve finished reading this guide, youíre going to be an expert on garcinia cambogia – so letís get started.

The Garcinia Cambogia Fruit

garcinia cambogia extract

To begin with, garcinia cambogia is basically a tropical fruit, which has also become a very popular weight loss supplement over recent years. The reason itís often touted as a weight loss aid is due to the interesting effect it has on your natural ability to regulate cholesterol levels, as well as your blood sugar.

Simply put, it has the power to reduce bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol, and it helps you to maintain a stable blood sugar – which reduces the peaks of insulin that occur after eating. These spikes of insulin are the main culprit behind weight gain, and they can also make it difficult to lose weight once itís been gained.

What are the Benefits?

benefits of garcinia cambogiaThe obvious benefit of taking garcinia cambogia in supplement form is due to the weight control advantages it provides you. By keeping your blood sugar stable, youíll find it much easier to lose weight, as well as prevent new weight from being put on.

Whatís more, it also has some fascinating appetite suppression abilities, which make it much easier to stick to a healthier, calorie controlled diet (which is the real secret behind all successful weight loss).

Additionally, if you have high cholesterol, it could provide you with several benefits. Maintaining your cholesterol levels and staying within a healthy range is a challenge for many people, so anything that can help in this regard is usually greatly appreciated.

Are there any side effects?

Of course, any weight loss supplement comes with the risk of side effects, so it makes sense to see what the potential garcinia cambogia side effects are before you commit yourself to taking it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the FDA warned people in 2009 that garcinia cambogia based supplements may cause serious problems with your liver. However, the matter has since become more complicated, because some researchers say itís problematic for your liver, while others say it causes no harm at all.

Additionally, itís known that it may interact negatively with a variety of popular medication for asthma and diabetes, so this is something else to keep in mind before taking the supplement. Ultimately, it may be best to consult with your doctor before you decide to take garcinia cambogia. If everything is okay with your liver, then it may be safe to try – but if you have a history of liver problems, then this is something youíd be better off avoiding.


Overall, garcinia cambogia is certainly an interesting fruit, which has many potential benefits when taken as a supplement. However, there is the potential for side effects, so itís best to do your due diligence before taking it.

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